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Variable Data Printing

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Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing (VDP): a form of digital printing in which text, graphics, and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next without stopping or slowing down the process. VDP helps you deliver your message in a more agile, unique, and personal way. Different from traditional printing, VDP transforms direct and personal messaging into astonishing new ideas.


Today, there are more ways to influence your communications; such as, social media, video, and print. Printing allows you to interact in many ways here are a few:


Getting personal is crucial to 90% of marketers. Customized campaigns have a huge impact on society today. It connects people and builds relationships. HP Advantage states “Personalized mailing generates 23.4% more revenue than generic mailing. HD digital printing technology adds customization and personalization to any marketing campaign.”

Digital Printing

Digital printing allows companies to engage with their consumers one-on-one and participation through sound, touch and smell. This technique can take a message and give the product dimension. With digital printing, every page can be distinctive and eloquent.


Marketing today no longer works when speaking to a crowd. You have to speak to them personally by starting with their name. We can use VDP to reach out to customers on billboards, certificates, food and drink packaging. By being interactive, you create a connection with the customer.

Indigo 12000

We use the HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press for our variable data printing. The Indigo 12000 prints high impact images so your customized ideas can captivate your customer in a significant way. HD Indigo presses have the quality and versatility needed to satisfy the most demanding brands. The press uses coated, uncoated, color and dark paper, metallics, pearlescent and paperboard for folding cartons. The press also runs larger 29-inch sheet size format to handle all your commercial needs. HP Digital press offers cost-effective, offset quality prints with high-quality color and modern effects.

HP 12000

Case Studies

Case studies are meant to pique the interest of an individual or crowd to interact with the product. Many well-known VDP studies are used to display the many possibilities that the brand has to offer. Here are some popular case studies:

Coca Cola

To catch the attention of the current generation, Coca-Cola Europe wanted a way to access the media and communicate with their audience through a personal campaign. Using the HP Indigo digital press, Coke produced over a billion labels matching the brand’s iconic red logo. ‘Share a Coke’ became the largest personalized marketing campaign and combined their infamous product and social media, where users can personalize their own bottle. “Coca Cola sales went through the roof when this case study became known. Consumers were going to stores just to find a bottle with their name on it,” says Ogilvy.


The Oreo case study was more interactive and out for a limited time. If you went to Oreo’s website during the holidays, users had the option to choose between various designs, write a personalized message, and have the Oreo package mailed to you. When you opened your package, you saw the masterpiece that you created!

Lost My Name Children's Book

Lost My Name is an interactive study, but also a learning experience for the child. This is personalized to help the child learn their name in an enjoyable way. Not only is Lost My Name personal to the child, but to the parent. This children’s book is a great way reach out to your child. The process is simple. All you need to do is write a personal message and create a unique storyline.

“Time-strapped marketing teams are hungry for ways to make their working lives easier — to clear their desks of tasks, and to clear their minds of problems. We help them improve interactions with audiences they want to engage. The challenge is to integrate communication in a forward-thinking, cohesive way that maximizes the impact of the message.”

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