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Innovative products and services

Our Solutions

Our fleet of HP presses print on a variety of substrates up to 8 feet wide and 2 inches thick in one to seven colors with offset quality, yet in quantities as low as one. Printing directly from digital files means no costly plate or setup charges, thereby saving you both time and money. Digital printing allows for highly personalized variable printing with content driven directly from your CRM data. This means more relevant messaging, improved response rates, and greater return on your marketing spend! Turn your invoices and statements into marketing vehicles that receive 100% readership. Newsletters can be versioned based on interests and needs of your clients. Fundraising messages address your constituency with the respect and attention to their giving history they deserve and appreciate. 

Printing Equipment

HP Latex, HP Indigo, Xante Color Printers & Kodak Digimaster B&W Printers

HP Latex R-series
Rigid Printer

Model R2000

The HP Latex R2000 has unprecedented quality and colors on rigid substrates up to 8 foot wide and up to 2in thick. With a vibrant HP Latex color gamut which preserves a media’s gloss and feel without the smell. It also has the glossiest white on transparent and colored media with a high-opacity white that resists yellowing over time. Top that with an HP Latex Overcoat that protects and seals to ensure a quality print that will withstand the elements. The HP Latex R2000+ is perfect for your packaging, signage, and rigid substrate projects.

HP Indigo (3)
Digital Color Printers

Models 7900 (2),

Experience unmatched versatility for every single job. HP Indigo’s portfolio of sheet-fed digital presses offers the widest range of compatible substrates, specialty inks, and effects so you can make each application as unique as it can be. Our 15000 offers up-to a 29.5″ x 20.9″ maximum sheet size.

Xante Color Digital Multi-Media Printer


Our Xante printers offer the best digital color for envelopes and other small print runs in the industry with the lowest cost per print while handling a wider variety of media and sheet sizes. Our newest Xante En/Press has higher print speeds (up to 4000 full-color envelopes per hour), and a higher resolution (up to 4800 dpi). Plus the output is 100% waterproof.

Kodak Digimaster
Black & White Printers

Model # 9150

Outstanding productivity, consistent results with speed, flexibility, and power. Supporting a broad range of variable data applications, expanded media choices, and sophisticated, in-line finishing options.

Mylar Tab 20 Color Options

Index Tab Dividers

Custom index tab dividers by AccuLink enhance your communications with functionality and style! Full color, laminated, and mylar reinforced tabs are produced in our 80,000 sq.ft. production facility with full imaging and bindery services all in-house. Reap the rewards of tremendous cost and headache savings by partnering with AccuLink to manage your entire multipage project!

AccuLink is located within a two-day ship point of Jacksonville Florida, Atlanta Georgia, Charlotte North Carolina and Baltimore Maryland which makes us an ideal partner for ongoing fulfillment projects. Our motto is “We Put It All Together” and divider tabs are a great solution to organizing documents as diverse as cookbook recipes, training manuals, directories, menus, hospitality notebooks, sales literature and most any multipage challenge.

We print materials with the highest quality imaging systems including the HP Indigo 15000 and HP Indigo 7900. Sheet sizes up to 20.5″ x 29.5″ are imaged on a variety of paper and synthetic substrates up to 18 pt. We also laminate to protect and bulk up thicknesses to 30 mils. Mylar colors are available in dozens of colors and reinforced sheets for notebook use and folders is available both on short and long edges.

Organizational index tabs are ideal for medical tabs, legal tabs, alphabetical tabs, numerical tabs, calendar tabs, chapter tabs and most any other application imaginable.

Custom index tab dividers can be specialty die cut, foil stamped, blind embossed and laminated.

Binding-Finishing Services & Equipment

AccuLink enhances communications with binding-finishing services that add uniqueness and function to all sorts of projects. Our clients send challenging work from all over the country due to our exclusive offerings. We function both as a full-service print provider as well as a trade bindery service. Check out our many binding-finishing services, and discover how we can add significant value to your printed works.

Perfect binding

Model: Standard Horizon BQ240 Perfect Binder (1), HT30 Trimmer (1)

AccuLink offers great solutions to both short-run self-published perfect bind projects in small quantities to longer run projects. We offer to gloss UV protective coatings as well as finishing enhancements like foil stamping and blind embossing. Our perfect binding includes creased covers and spine thicknesses up to 2″.

Double wire (wire-o) binding

Model: James Burn 3500 (1)

Double wire binding is durable, and the wire is available in a variety of colors. We recommend a maximum thickness of 1″ spines and find this bind to be ideal for planners, training materials and projects that need a lay flat footprint. Ask us for suggestions for great wraparound cover designs!

Plastic coil binding & Punching

Models: GBC Digicoil (1) & STL1000 (1), James Burn Lhermite EX380 Automatic Puncher with Jogger (1)

Plastic coil binding is a great option for less rigid binding and the coil is available in a variety of colors. We recommend a maximum thickness of 1″ spines and find this bind to be ideal for planners, training materials and projects that need a lay flat footprint.

Saddle stitch booklets

Model: Standard Horizon SPF 20 - Stitcher, Folder, & Fore-Edge Trimmer (1)

Saddle stitch booklets are economical and fit well in booklet envelopes for mailings and presentation folders. We recommend saddle stitched booklets be limited to a spine thickness of ¼″ or less.

Thermal tape binding

Model: Powis Parker Thermal Tape Binder (1)

Thermal tape binding is fast and economical for short run projects and the tape is available in a variety of colors.

UV coating

Model: KOMPAC UV / Aqueous Coater (2)

Gloss UV is a great alternative to the cost of lamination. Gloss UV coatings of direct mail postcards and perfect bound book covers add durability and scratch resistance.


Models: Seal 62 Pro S (1), DK Double Koat Jr. (1), Komfi Delta 52 (1)

These legendary laminators are well-known for revolutionizing one-sided lamination.

Folding services

Models: Standard Horizon AF-546AKT Folder (1)

17 different fold patterns – including 8-page cross fold, letter fold, and DL fold with a high production speed of 35k sheets/hr for an 8.5″ x 11″ parallel.

Round Cornering & Drilling

Models: Challenge SCR Single Round Cornering (1), Challenge DCR Double Round Cornering (1), Challenge MS-5 Drill (2) & MS-10 (1)

Round corner book corners or die cut membership cards, hang tags and other unique documents. We also offer custom drilling and 3 hole drilling.

Cutting & Slitting

Models: Polar 11 EMC (1) 11X Paper Cutter (1), Standard Horizon SmartStacker (1)

These high-speed cutters are the center of our cutting systems for processing paper, paperboard, and cardboard.

Rotary Die Cutting

Models: Standard Horizon RD4055 (2)

These cutters have quick change flexible dies allowing for virtually any shape to be cut up to 18.5 pt 14″ x 20″ substrates.

Flatbed, Vertical & Die Cutting

Models: Summa F1832 Flatbed Cutting System (1), Keencut SteelTrak 60383 Verticle Substrate Cutter (1), Heidelberg 10x15 Windmill TP Automatic Platen Press (1), Standard Horizon Die Cutter (1)

The Summa F1832 offers digital die cutting of rigid substrates like wood, metal, acrylic, and more. Our other die cutting equipment uses traditional dies for unique designs and packaging applications.

Perfing, Scoring, Creasing, & Crimping

Models: Stahl B20 (1), Duplo DC-745 (1), Standard Horizon CRF-362 (1), Morgana AutoCreaser 50 (1), Rollem Champion 990 Turbo (1)

Scoring and crimping of covers help avoid cracking and grain direction issues on folded cover materials. Microperf and cross perfing are available.

Index tab dividers

Models: Scott 10000 (2), 5000 (1), 1800 - Manual Tab Lamination (1), & Heavy Duty Die Cutter (1)

Formerly known as “QuickTabs”, AccuLink has a long history of manufacturing index tabs to the trade. Mylar reinforced index tabs are a great addition to any training manual, directory, cookbook or other multi-page documents. Full-color tabs with body copy are no problem and are available in a variety of papers and synthetic substrates.


Models: Standard Horizon VAC-100 w2 Tower Finishing System (1), Stacker ST-40 (1), FC-20 Trimmer (1)

The Horizon booklet making system is capable of collating, stitching and folding in one pass. It features fully automated set up with touch-button input on display and has the capability of memorizing frequent job settings. This means quicker turnaround time for your books and less manual collating time.