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HP R2000 Latex Printer – Bring your Big Ideas

HP R2000+ Big Ideas Hero
We're ready for your

Big Ideas

It's time, we're ready and so excited! Our new HP Latex R2000 Plus Printer is now primed for your big ideas.

You’ll be able to make bold, impactful statements with the HP R2000’s vibrant and breathtaking inks – no smells included. It also features the glossiest white on transparent and colored media that doesn’t yellow over time. Match that with the scratch resistance HP Latex Overcoat and your ideas will be durable as well as stunning.

But wait, there’s more. Along with those eye-catching colors, you’ll have the ability to print on rigid substrates up to 2 inches thick and 98 inches wide (think wooden doors, acrylic panels, metal photos…oh my). It’s a game changer.

If it’s not obvious, we’re all enthusiastic to get started on your next award-winning project. Contact us to see how the new HP Latex R2000 Plus Printer can make a big impact on your ideas.

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