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How Can Marketing Keep Control Of The Brand?


How Can Marketing Keep Control Of The Brand?

Branding Control Made Easy

If you manage or work in a busy marketing department you likely know these scenarios.

  1. I need you to stop what you’re doing and design this custom (sales sheet, billboard, poster, print ad etc.).
  2. For some reason everyone’s business card looks different from your identity standards.
  3. Someone from sales just printed the old brochure design from 3 years ago instead of the new one

So how did things get so out of control? Thankfully there is a solution to gain back control of your time and your corporate identity. OrderXpress™ a web-based ordering solution will address these scenarios for branding control and more. So how does it work? The web portal is how those you authorize will procure your company’s marketing materials. It will contain products you authorize and templates that can be edited only as you have specified.

Product access is controlled by you. Some users are only able to get access to certain products while others are allowed to use more or all. You control who can order what and how much customization they can have. You control which trusted vendors will produce which products. Branding control is maintained throughout effortlessly with OrderXpress™.

You are removed from the proofing process because proofs happen in real-time on the site based on your template rules. Order history is maintained in the system allowing you to track usage and see trends. Does this sound like a tool that can put you in control of your company’s brand?

If you are looking for solutions to regain control of your brand and free up your design resources feel free to contact me any time for advice or to discuss your specific challenges.

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with OrderXpress™
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