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2020: A Retrospective

2020 Ornament Hero
A retrospective on


So, how to sum up this year. In the words of Ariana Grande, "Thank you, next."

We started the year out like most, full of optimism for the new year. The big focus was the arrival of our new flexible packaging division, AccuFlex Packaging. The building was up, the machines delivered, the employees undergoing training, and opening day was scheduled…right as the shut-downs were happening. We stayed focused and hopeful working with Color-Logic and HP to become the first certified Color-Logic flexible packaging printer. This was the perfect moment to work with Color-Logic creating promotional pieces printed with our newly installed HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press, EBeam Coater, and Pouch Machine. The self promotion pieces got noticed and awarded 1st place in Packaging Impressions Magazine for the 2020 Excellence Awards. This was the shot in the arm that we needed *ba dum tss (sorry for the bad pandemic pun).

The new year also started with the acquisition of a new dye-sub heat press, the MOD 200 2600 x 1600. But that was not the only growth our dye sublimation departments experienced. We added more dye-sub products to our catalog, and it’s not surprising that for 2020 a face mask was one of them. Supply chain management was also a challenge from time-to-time, but our team and vendors strived to deliver on-time despite the unusual circumstances of the year. We are proud of how everyone has worked together during this trying time and are truly thankful for all the essential workers in our community that have helped us stay healthy during 2020.

As we look back, we think it’s only proper to acknowledge this year. The year we leaned in and overcame monumental changes. For most, three words sum it up: stink stank stunk. It seemed only fitting that we commemorate this with an ornament and ask for a little love to help push us through to the end of 2020. Be one of the first 10 to ❤️ this post on LinkedIn by Dec. 16th to help grow our hearts by 3x’s its size and we will send this 2020 keepsake ornament. *Sorry, this offer excludes any previous 2020 promotional winners. Please message us directly your mailing address to ensure proper delivery.

And with that, we wish you all a very Happy Holidays and a healthy, Happy New Year!

2020 Ornament Front and Back
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